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For All Your
Assembly Needs

stamped pieces
Customers often have to go to several suppliers to fill their needs. With our ability to stamp, machine, and weld components as well as assemblies,
we can reduce costs and improve control of the processes.

Wayne Manufacturing is dedicated to working with the customer from start to finish in order to fill the variety of manufacturing requirements needed
to produce assemblies.


Offline parts washing is available to meet customer requirements of product integrity.

ISO/TS 16949
Certified Management System

Your Source for Automated Welding

As part of our full service solution, Wayne Manufacturing performs a large number of welding jobs compared to other stamping plants. Utilizing automation whenever possible to complete jobs most efficiently, we employ robotic welding equipment to increase weld quality and throughput.
Key Benefits of Robotic Welding

• Reduction in labor costs
• Increased productivity through automation
• Superior precision
• Eliminates human error
• Consistent quality welds
• Multiple welds on simple and complex parts

This ability to automate combined with our hand-welding stations enables us to offer our customers the best of both worlds – continuous high volume operations, along with quick and efficient small runs.

Other capabilities and services offered are spot welding, vibratory finishing, drilling, tapping, special machining and washing.
Custom Machining

CNC Machining is utilized and available for stamped or welded parts that require close tolerances. This gives wayne manufacturing the accuracy and repeatability required for some of the more difficult tasks.